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Lotus Dreamer Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

Lotus Dreamer Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

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Lotus Dreamer: Mystical, Soothing, Dreamy

Let your mind Float down the lotus river, thoughts unwinding and stress dissolving. These plants are selected for their ability to calm the Type A, whirlwind, monkey-mind. Warmth spreads across the heart and tightness in the neck and shoulders melts. Conducive to dreamlike states while awake, and vivid dreaming to follow. Deep and Floral flavor.

Each order contains a four hand rolled Lotus Dreamer Mood Lights in a glass tube, or 5g loose leaf Lotus Dreamer in a reusable tin.

Herbs that work (Ingredients):
Blue Lotus, Skullcap, French Lavender Buds, Red Raspberry Leaf

Inhaling any smoke is dangerous to the respiratory system, so it's recommended that you approach this method of plant discovery with respect and responsibility. By purchasing this item you agree you are of legal age to purchase smokeable products in your area.    

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