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Emerald Sky Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

Emerald Sky Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

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Meet Mood Lights, the All Organic, Botanical Smoke blends that are free of Tobacco, THC, or CBD. Just delicious herbs and flowers with undeniable effects in a lovely pre-roll! 

Emerald Sky: Uplifting, Social, and Energetic
Mint and sunlight, Alpine air on a crisp morning, the giddy potential you feel in a new day. This blend is full of uplifting energy. Great for social situations when you want an alternitive smoke that won't leave you feeling foggy or anxious. Minty smooth flavor. 

Herbs that Work (Ingredients):
Peppermint: Sharpens the mind and soothes the body. 
Damiana: Brings joy and uplift to the heart while promoting circulation.
Gotu Kola: An Ayurvedic herb for promoting memory and motivation. 
Mullein: A soft leaf that is soothing to lungs. 

Each order contains four hand-rolled Emerald Sky Mood Lights in a reusable glass tube with a cork stopper. 

Inhaling any smoke is dangerous to the respiratory system, so it's recommended that you approach this method of plant discovery with respect and responsibility. By purchasing this item you agree you are of legal age to purchase smokeable products in your area. Not for use during Pregnancy.    

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