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Garnet Moon Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

Garnet Moon Mood Lights Herbal Smoke

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Garnet Moon: Sensual Aphrodisiac with PMS & Menopause Support

Sink into self-care with plants that have been helping humans for thousands of years. This blend targets the body and mind equally, easing cramps and fatigue in the body while it soothes the mind. Conducive to slowing down and accessing the knowledge of your body. Earthy and Rose Flavor.

Herbs that Work (Ingredients):
Mugwort: Relaxes uterus and low back cramps, connects the mind to intuition. 
Damiana: Brings joy and uplift to the heart while promoting circulation.
Red Rose: Cooling energy to an overworked mind and delightful flavor
Catnip: Energizing for cats, relaxing for humans! Soothing to the digestive system.
Red Raspberry Leaf: A tonic for the reproductive system, healing and toning. 

Each order contains four hand rolled Mood Lights in a reusable glass tube with a cork.

Inhaling any smoke is dangerous to the respiratory system, so it's recommended that you approach this method of plant discovery with respect and responsibility. By purchasing this item you agree you are of legal age to purchase smokeable products in your area. Not for use during pregnancy.   

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