Welcome to my new Awepothecary. This is still a one-lady-run operation, but I wanted to take the website from looking more like a lemonade stand and into someplace that felt like the magic I'm making. 

I started creating herbal medicine in 2018, following a trail of breadcrumb interests. I think that's the truest route to your passions. One curious question at a time. 

What if I.... Can plants do this? ... Who has tried before? ... Is there a book about it? ... Does it work?
And each answer is a reward, drawing you in a little further. Until your passion is in messy, stacked and shiny piles around you, and you realize you've got some sort of destiny related Work To DO.


And it's interesting how it starts with just trying to solve Your Own Problems. I've got cramps. I'm sleepless. I'm moody. I want to stop drinking. 
When something works, you get excited. Energy and Empathy intertwine and you realize it's not just Your Problem. It's an open door to connecting to people who feel the same way you do. When you reach out to help, you stop suffering in isolation. Connection, connection, connection. That's the root of what I'm seeking. Or at least as much of it as has been revealed to me now. Let's keep each other updated, ok?


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