I was walking through the woods one day...

Hi there! I'm Kelly, and this is my one-lady herbalism site. I let Daisy (with the apple) help blend the teas too, if she washes her hands. I'm kind of here because of her.
You see, after I had my kid, I started teaching pre-natal yoga and was frustrated that there were no potent stress-relieving creations for Mamas that were safe. I got into essential oils and blended up some formulas for my students. To be able to connect in an authentic and caring way with folks in a familiar situation was moving to me, so I pushed forward with my herbalism education. I connected with Green Wisdom Herbal Studies in my home town of Long Beach, California, and entered herbalism studies with Julie James. I wanted to make formulas that worked ridiculously well, and I wanted to know the science of it. Around the same time, my kid was hitting toddler-hood and I had to drop alcohol in order to meet her at 100%. I wanted support for that transition too. So you'll find Calma (for the Mama) and NightLight (for addiction Recovery) as my first creations.
The whole plant world opened up after that. I looked for the areas that I myself needed support, then offered that out into the world. I realized that keeping myself and my family connected to the earth, the seasons, and the natural intelligence of the planet was a calling. And I love making things. I hope you like them. It's all piles and piles of love, in one shape or the other, playing back and forth between us into eternity. Woah, right!
Enjoy, and please connect to me at awepothecary@gmail.com to chat!