...On a Mission of Wonder

AWEpothecary is an herbalist created small batch apothecary. Our mission is sparking a sense of Awe - a glimpse of the web woven between hearts, earth and hands, by hands on experience of natural herbal goodness. 


Herbalist Crafted Botanical Magic


These plants work in ways you can feel.


Plant life is more than just resources, it's a relationship that we cultivate through reciprocal giving.

Highest Quality

What we don't grow ourselves, we source from organic family farms.

Erin M.

“I got the Herbal Tea Variety pack. I love how all of these teas taste, and so far I've gotten the most benefit from the Nightlight tea. It helps calm and relax me before bed.”

Erin M.

Mandi B.

"The Daylight tea is perfect for an afternoon pick me up without any weird caffeine buzz. I like to steep it overnight in the fridge and enjoy it cold. I don't really like the taste of iced tea generally, but I love this tea."

Mandi B.


Motherhood, Alcohol, Love, and Shame.

Motherhood, Alcohol, Love, and Shame.

I send this out on the day after Mother’s day. A kind of Motherhood hangover. On the day when moms are celebrated for the ideal. For all they Give. I almost didn’t survive that giving. My Daughter is one and...

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