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HeartLight Herbal Tea

HeartLight Herbal Tea

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Can a tea lift your mood? Connect you to friends? Bring magic into an evening? It starts with the Heart.  

Taste and Energy:
Sweet and spicy Chai. Mouthwatering and heartwarming like a fireplace at Christmas. Great with honey and cream.

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Damiana - Sparks joy and closeness, circulation and aphrodisiac.
Hawthorne - Cardioprotective, a plant for good heart energy.
Honeybush - Rich honey sweetness and gentle warmth.
Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom  - Delicious spices move the blood and enliven the senses.

Kelly Says: "Although it's caffeine free, you may find yourself and your companions giddy, full of deep conversation, and prone to dancing! That's the magic of these herbs in a complementary and purposeful blend. I find it a great alcohol free yet uplifting alternative to brew up at parties."  


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