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Defense! Herbal Immunity Tea

Defense! Herbal Immunity Tea

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Need ASAP immunity support? Call in the Plant Power!

Taste and Energy:
Elderberry tart and echinacea tingle. Add lemon and honey to this deep tonic.

Herbs that Work (Ingredients):
Elderberry - Seasonal support against viral respiratory illnesses.
Echinacea Root - Immune system activator.
Astragalus - Immune system regulator and whole body tonic.
Rosehips - Supreme source of Vitamin C.
Honeybush - Naturally sweet and soothing respiratory support.
Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark - Eases sinus pain, nausea, and moves mucus.

Kelly says: "These are the traditional uses for these ingredients, but not medical claims. Start with two cups a day for adults, one for children. See how your body responds. Based on personal experience I find this formula invaluable to my family during cold and flu season!

Comes in a 2oz bag to last all season.


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