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MoonLight Herbal Tea

MoonLight Herbal Tea

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Herbs that guide us into lucid dreaming, connection with the subconscious, and open our minds to magick.  

Taste and Energy:
Herbal with dark berry and spice. The deepest forest grove at midnight, under a full moon.

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Tulsi (Holy Basil) - Delicious adaptogen that lowers cortisol to melt stress.
Skullcap - Calms overactive minds to soothe anxiety and bring rest.
California Poppy - Raises GABA for a dreamy headspace.
Red Rose - Nurtures the heart with protective energy. 
Mugwort  - Stimulates the subconscious for vivid dreaming.

Kelly Says: "MoonLight is the dream-state inducing blend I serve at meditation circles. Common effects are an opening of the imagination, quieting of anxious thought patterns, and with nightly use, lucid dreaming and restorative sleep. This one is something special, and I can't take credit for the magic these plants induce!"

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