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The Empress Herbal Tea

The Empress Herbal Tea

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Mother Earth provides - Potent PMS relief for body and mind. 

Taste and Energy:
Warm and golden with notes of Roses and Honey. A full body sigh of relief, a hug from a best friend.

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Red Raspberry Leaf - Supports womb health.
Red Rose Petal - Calming to the nervous system and heart.
Damiana - Uplifts mood and circulation.
Mugwort - Sacred women’s plant that eases cramping.
Oatstraw - Soothes burn-out and overwhelm.
Saffron - A precious spice that is a natural antidepressant.
Honeybush - Warmth and gentle sweetness for the body

Kelly Says: "I use the Empress not just for my PMDD, but on any day where I'm feeling burnt out, mentally overwhelmed, and irritable. This is deep plant magic that those with a Womb have been accessing for centuries. The plant kingdom is our first Mother, and she shows us the way. May this tea bring you the peace and ease that you deserve, dear Empress!"  

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