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The Fool - Adventure and Delight Tarot Tea

The Fool - Adventure and Delight Tarot Tea

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Take the Leap! Optimism, Adventure, and Delight are in your Cup

Taste and Energy:
Rich green and jasmine sweetness, the tang of hibiscus, and an exciting citrus finish. It's an Affirmation in a cup.

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Jasmine Green Tea - Fresh green caffeine and l-theanine wrapped in the sweetness of blossoms.
Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) - Brain-health benefits similar to ginseng and stress-balancing adaptogen.
Hibiscus - Supreme Antioxidant, awakening the senses while cooling the body.
Lemon Grass - Mood-lifting citrus lift that soothes digestion.  
Lemon Balm - Soothes the nervous system while encouraging dopamine and GABA production.

Kelly Says: "Inspired by the expansive energy of the Fool archetype in tarot, this tea encourages you to follow your bliss. Highly recommend you ice this blend, pack it in a water-bottle, and sip all day long. It's an energetic cheerleader."

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