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The Lover - Intriguing Aphrodisiac Tarot Tea!

The Lover - Intriguing Aphrodisiac Tarot Tea!

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Come to life with this aphrodisiac-inspired blend of vitalizing herbals!

Taste and Energy:
The tang of hibiscus, the heat of ginger, and the sweet of sarsparilla root. This blend invites you into a dance of the senses - Where will you go from here?  

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Sarsparilla Root - Sweet and grounding, this tonic balances hormones.
Ginger - Stokes the inner fire, delivering warming energy throughout the body
Hibiscus - Tart and antioxidant packed, revives and cools.
Skullcap - A nervous system healer that calms racing thoughts. 
Eleuthero - An adaptogen known to increase vitality and stamina
Damiana - A Euphoric aphrodisiac that increases circulation and vibe. 
Hawthorne - A protector of the heart, holding space for emotion and transformation.
Saffron - A rare herb, these strands of sunshine naturally lift mood. 

Kelly Says: "This tea calls out to your inner fire, your love and hunger for life! The Lover brings a calm and open sense of engagement to the body, making room for new experiences and thoughts. It can also serve as the herbal aphrodisiac to guide us into joy and sensuality with one another."


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