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The Magician - Euphoria and Creativity Tea!

The Magician - Euphoria and Creativity Tea!

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This liquid spell invites you to envision and create!

Taste and Energy:
Cacao delight up front with intriguing flashes of rose and cinnamon. The flavor deepens with Blue lotus and is grounded by honeyed Oolong. Senses and imagination enter a new space of creation. 

The Herbs that Work (Ingredients):

Cacao Shell -  With Theobromine and Anandamide, Cacao has a history of being revered for heart-lifting euphoria. The flavor and effects are unmistakable. 
Blue Lotus - Cearulea Nymphaea contains both  Nuciferine and Aporphine, which work on the dopamine system to engender feelings of pleasure and possibility.
Oolong Tea Leaf - Falling in between green and black tea, oolong brews honey-gold and warm, contributing the grounding and balancing effects of L-theanine to the nervous system.
Rose Petal - Nurturing, cooling, and protective of the heart, rose brings sweetness and comfort to this formula.
Honeybush - Warmth and joy are found in the red bark brew of honeybush, a heart and blood tonic. 
Stevia Leaf - Natural sweetness grows with the leaves of stevia rebundiana, balancing out any bitterness.
Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamon spice engages the senses, triggers memory, and cheers you on.

Kelly Says: "I wanted to see what would happen if I invited my favorite brain and heart tonics to dance together. Like the Magician Archetype in the tarot deck, this unique flavor both grounds and uplifts, opening our heart to potential and creation. Come play!"


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